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Oh no…not another one of those ‘Vegan Hippies’ who are all for living off a salad leaf and breathing the earths air. That was my first thought when I heard about a vegan lifestyle, I was so confused about everything and I had so many questions…the first one being PROTEIN? where do these people get their protein they aren’t consuming any animal by product. That’s where I was so wrong about everything I thought I knew…everything contains protein from soy beans to a chocolate bar EVERYTHING contains protein. It isn’t as necessary to consume as much as we think we need, you can still develop muscle on a vegan diet. Taking into account vegan bodybuilders and athletes who are perfectly fine on a plant based lifestyle. After researching the lifestyle (watching many YouTube videos big shout out to freelee the banana girl) I decided to give it try for 2 weeks to see how I would feel. Little did I know the effects It would have on me I honestly can’t rave about this lifestyle enough my energy moods and overall happiness improved majorly my digestion settled down not to mention this is the most sustainable life style for weightloss everything just seemed to be as mother nature intended it to be. Since trying this lifestyle I have stuck with it and I don’t intend to go back to my previous eating habits of course nobody is perfect and I have slipped up more than a few times (dairy chocolate was hard to resist at first) but there are so many vegan alternatives. You can get vegan cheese, YES VEGAN CHEESE (you can still indulge in a sunday afternoon cheese and tomato toastie) more restaurants are adding vegan alternatives to their menus. I don’t feel as though I’m missing out at all after looking into veganism in more depth I learnt about the corruption of the dairy and meat industry. It truly broke my heart and made my stomach churn at how we as humans are able to treat innocent animals with such indignity. If you are at all interested in this amazing lifestyle I encourage you to watch the following documentaries:


Forks Over Knives –

And check out these YouTube channels they really opened my eyes and heart to veganism-

Freelee –

FullyRawKristina –

Annie Jaffrey –

Fruitarianelle –

JiliciousJourney –

MantrasAndMangos –

List of suprising products you didn’t know where vegan 🙂 –

These are just to name a few that I have been watching recently I really hope some of you will take a look into this lifestyle and receive the amazing benefits. If you would like me to do any more vegan inspired posts/recipes let me know in the comments and I would be happy to do so.